About Us

Caucasus Online.GE is a country code Top Level Domain administrator managing a registry of domain names, and effecting registration of domain names under the standards prescribed by the articles of association, the registration and administration rules of the GE. domain, the agreement between Georgian Legislation, ICANN, and Caucasus Online, and the generally recognized standards in the area. 
Caucasus Online has worked out a new regulatory model of management and registration for country code Top Level Domain- ccTLD to reconcile the registration and administration rules of .GE domain with the international standards. 
The updated rules for the registration and administration of the.GE domain, valid since April 16 2018, prescribe the following changes:

  • Caucasus Online shall only provide registry functions for country code top-level domain.
  • Registration-related functions and responsibilies shall be performed by registrars accredited by Caucasus Online. 
  • Registration and updating of registration of general domain names shall be a paid service under the new registration and administration rules of the .GE domain.
  • The registrant shall be entitled to transfer domain name or change the registrar;
  • Domain name-related disputes between third parties and registrants shall be examined according to “the .GE domain dispute resolution policy”.

Caucasus Online has signed a memorandum with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) to be able to resolve the .GE domain-related disputes.
Caucasus Online has also signed a memorandum of cooperation on domain administration and management with the Georgian Chapter of the Internet Society to secure the interests of individuals involved in the process of administration, management and registration of the .GE top level domain, and to protect competitive environment and consumers’ rights.
Caucasus Online has been a full member of CENTR (Council of European National Top-Level Domain Registries) since October 10, 2018.