The .Ge Domain Regulations

The renewed rules for the registration and administration of the .GE domain entered into force from April 16, 2018.
The basic changes set forth in the new regulations:

  • Caucasus Online shall only retain the function of registry for the.GE country code top-level domain, and shall no longer act in the capacity of a registrar, i.e. remove the domain name registration and service fee payment from its sphere of reference;
  • The registrar's functions and duties shall be performed by the registrars accredited by Caucasus Online. These entities shall register and manage domain names in accordance with the client’s request;
  • Under the new .GE domain registration and administration rules, the registration and updating of domain names shall be a paid service.  Accordingly, in order to update or register a general domain name, the client shall be required to pay the domain renewal fee at the selected registrar. 
  • The registrant shall be entitled to transfer his domain name or change the registrar;
  • Disputes over domain names between third parties and registrants shall be considered under the ".GE Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy".

The renewed .GE domain registration and administration rules, valid since April 16, 2018, altogether cancel/substitute the “.GE domain registration terms and conditions” document, and applies to all domain names, including those registered before April 16, 2018.