The Registry of the .GE zone held a presentation of the registry-registrar model at the event organized by LACTLD and CENTR

The LACTLD  ( Latin American and Caribbean Association of ccTLDs) 2023 Training program held its first online event on January 26th. In a new chapter of the ongoing efforts of cooperation and collaboration between Regional Organizations, the Association and CENTR led the agenda of activities. Latin American and Caribbean ccTLD commercial representatives participated in the first edition of the year.
LACTLD Trainings promote capacity building and strengthen regional collaboration through the exchange of experiences and best practices among ccTLDs in the region. Likewise, the Workshops of the Association’s three Working Groups seek to deepen the understanding of topics of interest to the associate members.
On this occasion, a total of 69 participants from 15 regional ccTLDs (.ar, .br, .cl, .co, .cr, .do, .ec, .gt, .ht, .mx, .pa, .py, .sv, .uy and . ve) and 17 ccTLDs from the European organization (.ca, .cat, .de, .es, .eu, .ge, .gg, .lt, .lv, .me, .no, .pl, .pt, .rs, .se, .si, and .sk) participated in the first part of the training. In it, different speakers of both organizations approached the Registry-Registrar Model, particularly, the accreditation process. On the one hand, Sophie Khidasheli (.GE), Anna Gniadek (.PL) and SÅ‚awomir Rakoczy (.PL) made presentations about the transition from the direct registration model to the Registry-Registrar model.  On the other hand, José Ernesto Grimaldo (.MX), who represented LACTLD, together with Juan Antonio Gutiérrez Gil (.ES) and Gemma Moreno del Valle (.ES) presented the accreditation processes in their respective ccTLDs. In this way, the training sought to provide the participants with different views -both from Latin America and the Caribbean as well as Europe- on how these processes are carried out in the different ccTLDs at a global level.