From April 16, 2018, new.GE Domain Registration and Administration Rules entered into force.
The rules include the following major changes:

  • Caucasus Online only maintains functions of .GE country code Top Level Domain registry, seizes to exercise functions and duties of registrar, which means that Caucasus Online no longer conducts registration of domain names, renewal of registration and does not accept respective service fees from the registrants;
  • The registrar's functions and duties are exercised by registrars, accredited by Caucasus Online, who will register and manage your domain name;
  • According to the new .GE Domain Registration and Administration Rules registration and renewal of registration of general domain names is subject to payment. Therefore, to renew the registration of your domain name, you shall pay registration renewal fee to the new registrar chosen by you;
  • The registrant has possibility to transfer the domain name, change the registrar;
  • Disputes related to domain names between third parties and registrants will be considered in accordance with the .GE Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy;

Updated .GE Domain Registration and Administration Rules annuls/replaces in full the “Terms and Conditions for .GE Domain Registration” and applies to all .GE domain names, including the domain names registered before April 16, 2018.