Caucasus Online signed and ISOC-GEORGIA signed a memorandum of cooperation

Caucasus Online, as the .GE domain administrator, and ISOC-Georgia, as representative of the International Internet Community, signed a memorandum of cooperation on the.GE domain administration and management.

Under this memorandum the Parties recognize the exclusive right of Caucasus Online to keep a registry of the.GE country code top-level domain names and manage it in compliance with the Legislation of Georgia, the agreement between ICANN and Caucasus Online, and the generally recognized international standards and best practices in this field. A group of stakeholders is also involved in this process for the purpose of maximum transparency and to ensure competitive environment, protection of consumers’ rights, balanced consideration of the interests of the stakeholders, and to ensure the implementation of all these elements on the basis of self-regulation.

The objective of this memorandum is to ensure the maximum level of involvement of Internet Society in the management and administration of the.GE country code top-level domain, and to protect the principles established though the best international practices in this field.