Transfer procedure

Domain name holder must select a registrar for transferring the domain name. The transfer code can be obtained from personal profile at
If a domain owner doesn’t have a profile, it is possible to create one at the same website. 

Instruction for profile activation:

  • The user enters “profile” at;
  • Selects existing users (profile registration);
  • Specifies the domain name in the fields and provides a contact email to receive the link.
  • Opens the received link, specifies the username and password, and enters the profile.

Instruction for domain transfer:

1. Domain name owner enters the profile;

2. All domain names registered to a certain owner are shown in the profile. Domain owner can select the domain (one/several/all) from the list for transferring, and then press the transfer code generation button. 

3. The transfer code consisting of a 10 character combination of digits and letters is generated in the user’s profile. The transfer code will appear in the profile and will be forwarded to the contact email address. It remains valid for 7 days. After the transfer code generation, the user selects the “transfer” button that activates the banner with the logos of registrar companies.

4.  The user selects a registrar and proceeds to the domain name transfer page at the registrar’s web portal through activation on the logo. 
Mandatory steps:

  • Specifying  the domain name in the search field at the registrar’s portal;
  • Specifying the transfer code on the corresponding page;
  • Correct filling of the application form;

Paying the domain fee to extend the domain registration service for one year.